Healthy Ezylife Fibre Yogurt

 Healthy Ezylife Fibre Yogurt 

The Yogurt Drink To Enjoy For Healthy Goodness

Established back in 2015, Ezylife Fibre Yogurt is a unique healthy concoction of yogurt drink that offers natural detoxification for digestive tracts and maintenance. Ezylife Fibre Yogurt is a nutritious way to boost protein and calcum intake without added sugar as Ezylife Fibre Yogurt uses natural sweeteners such as fruit puree. It is currently available 5 in flavours - Green Apple, Mango, Peach, Strawberry and Original and you can grab them at their shop which is located along the busy street of Lorong Selamat. 

Ezylife Fibre Yogurt is made using only premium ingredients such as pasteurised dairy milk, blended with natural dietary fibre and fruit puree that gives a great flavour and it's an all-natural unrefined sugar.

Yogurt drinks are quite common, but enjoying those with fibre is something that you can look forward to now. A diet that lacks adequate fibre may increase the risks of high blood pressure, diabetes, stroke, heart disease, obesity, digestive disorder and cancer.

Each bottle of 350ml fibre yogurt is certified to have over 1 billion CFU of goof bacteria and 1.8% of dietary fibre. It's also a natural source of prebiotic and probiotic for promoting healthy digestive tracts with proven researches to associate other health benefits such as helping lower blood sugar and prevent obesity, treating diarrhea and antimicrobial properties to fight infection in guts.

Ezylife Fibre Yogurt is also effective at weigh maintenance. It can function as small meal replacement or consumed with life meals like salads, sandwiches or used for fruits or as salad dressings. Studies have found that dietary fibre could aid weight loss and appetite control since generally the dietary fibre moves through the body undigested and may help promote satiety while reducing appetite. 

Grab your Ezylife Fibre Yogurt today at a wallet-friendly price of RM9.50 per bottle of 350ml.

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Ezylife Fibre Yogurt
80, Lorong Selamat, 
10400 George Town,
Tel : 012-4742106