Nando's Fiercest Flavour, VUSA XX HOT is here

Nando's Fiercest Flavour, VUSA XX HOT is here

For those who love spicy goodness, do try out their VUSA XX HOT. It's a notch up from their Xtra Hot. 

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Nando’s transports guests on a journey to Southern Africa with great food, art, music and vibes.

If you love Nando's spicy creations, you're going to love Nando's fiercest flavour - Vusa XX Hot. The latest flavour which is available for a limited time is the perfect match for those who love to savour some spicy fiery kick. It packs a punch of spiciness on the first bite, but the level of spiciness was still alright. 

We were privileged to be invited over for a special event held at Nando's Queensbay Mall where we had the chance to make our very own PERi-PERi sauce and experience Vusa XX Hot among other delicious treats.

Make a trip over to Nando's and discover Nando's Southern African roots and experience the New Nando's experience. Take a walk in and be greeted by the signature warm hospitality welcome from the Nando's squad surrounded by insta-worthy Southern African art. Savour every bite of your favourite PERi-PERi meals while enjoying the tunes of the Afro-Luso beats. Everything in place to Feed Your Fire.

Nando's is very passionate about nurturing and showcasing Southern African creativity with the world in a way that makes a positive, meaningful difference when it comes to art, design and music. Each of Nando's restaurants features beautiful original artworks and designs of Southern African talents that speak primarily to the visual senses – sight and touch. 

Nando’s prides itself in the nurturing of young Southern African artists and designers. Under the Nando’s Art Initiative, more than 350 young artists are involved in 5 art programmes - Creative Block, Nando’s Artist Society, Nando’s Chicken Run, Nando’s Creative Exchange and Spier Arts Academy Artisanal Studios. We also house the world’s largest collection of contemporary Southern African art, displayed in 1200 restaurants across 24 nations. Whilst under the Hot Young Designers programme,  patterns, furniture and lighting fixtures are created by the hottest Southern African contemporary designers. Guests all around are able to walk in and feel like they have wandered into Southern Africa, bursting with vibrant colours depicting the African spirit and culture aplenty. 

Nando's world famous PERi-PERi are ever popular and we had the opportunity to experience making our very own PERi-PERi sauce. These are the ingredients that were made available for us to make our very own PERi-PERi sauce. A combination of African bird’s eye chilli, lemon, garlic, onions, oil and seasoning. We had fun pounding the mortar :p

Cute adorable jars for us to keep our own made sauces.

The African Bird's Eye Chillies, better known as PERi-PERi, first began under the hot sun in the rich, fertile soil of Southern Africa. Today, Nando's has partnered with over 1400 farmers in 18 growing regions to grow the freshest PERi-PERi for feasters worldwide.

The Feast Begins at Nando's

Sweet Potato Chips with PERinaise was so addictive. The natural sweetness from the sweet potato dipped with the Perinaise sauce, so good!

It was then the highlight of the event. Introducing VUSA XX HOT. It doesn't look fiery, but one bite and the kick comes in. This is a big hit among those who love some spicy. It's spiciness level was still bearable though we were the weaker ones that sweat like waterfall..LOL *shy shy*

Platter of all delicious treats. You get your juicy tender chicken with sides. A perfect delicious meal of satisfaction.

Ultimate Trio Chicken Bowl

Mouth-watering sweet treats such as Caramel Cheesecake, Portuguese Nata, Red Velvet Cake. The Portuguese Nata was nice. Flaky crust with rich smooth filling.

Enjoy unlimited refills of soft drinks, coffee and tea.

At Nando’s, trust that they feed not just your appetite, but also your imagination and the desire for adventure. Step into a Nando’s outlet today and let them #FeedYourFire. 

Thanking Nando's for hosting :)

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