Halia Merah Presents Nyonya Food at THREE 五 ZERO @ Tien Hotel - Residence

Halia Merah Presents Nyonya Food at THREE 五 ZERO @ Tien Hotel - Residence

THREE 五 ZERO @ Tien Hotel - Residence

Located along the bustling street of Chulia Street, THREE 五 ZERO by Tien Hotel - Residence is a dining spot that's perfect for private dining or events; a nice small cosy space ready for all occasions. What's different about this place is that you can rent the space, have your own chef in to cook for your own private event or even Tien Hotel - Residence invites chefs around to showcase their creations. 

We were privileged to enjoy the delightful Muslim-friendly Nyonya dishes specially prepared by Halia Merah.

First up was the mouthwatering Nyonya Laksa. Loved the aroma and flavour on every scoop. The flavoursome broth and coconut milk gives such a nice milky overall taste.


Next we had a vibrant mix of colours and flavours on a plate. From the tender and beautiful aroma of Kapitan Chicken, savoury with a tad of sweetness of Jiu Hu Char (Pork Free), Chicken Lor Bak and the striking Blue Rice. 

We were also served 2 different rich broths with some spicy kick  - Assam Pedas Ikan and Sup Spicy Papaya Titek. The latter was our very first time hearing of such dish name. Each has it's on distinctive taste and the Papaya Titek sure did pack a punch of spiciness.

Warm Black Glutinous Rice to end the meal with. 

Thanking Tien Hotel, THREE 五 ZERO and Halia Merah.

For more info:
THREE 五 ZERO @ Tien Hotel - Residence
348, Chulia Street,
10200 George Town, 
Tel : 04-263 8116

Halia Merah
121, Lebuh Campbell,
10100 George Town, Penang