US Pizza : Cheesy Volcano Burger & Golden Ocean Salted Egg Pizza Review

 US Pizza : Cheesy Volcano Burger & Golden Ocean Salted Egg Pizza Review

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When you think of pizza, US Pizza comes to mind. Craving for all those crusty bites filled with delicious spread of toppings and cheesy goodness? We recently popped over to US Pizza outlet located at Chulia Street and savoured their Cheesy Volcano Burger & Golden Ocean Salted Egg Pizza. An irresistible indulgence that keeps you wanting more. 

Did you know that the very first US Pizza outlet was in Penang back in 1997? US Pizza has been serving Malaysians all their favourite pizzas every since then. With many new creations as well as local flavours, there's pizza for every taste buds and tummy. 

Located on the bustling street of Chulia Street, right in the heart of George Town, this is one of the many US Pizza outlets that are available in Penang. 

A step in and you'll be greeted by the vibrant and striking colours of the interior.

Get ready to start drooling :p

Clockwise from top : Vanilla and Chocolate Milkshake, Golden Ocean Salted Egg Pizza & Cheesy Volcano Burger

The burger came first and just look at that! This is drooling at first sight. 

Cheesy Volcano Burger at US Pizza

The burger is first presented with a ring on top of it; where all the extra goodness is placed. The server will then torch it and the magic happens. The fire goes on a few seconds and the ring is immediately lifted away. Tthe cheese sauce flows down while turning into the golden cheesy colour. Resembling just like how the lava flows from the volcano, hence the name Cheesy Volcano Burger.

The Cheesy Volcano Burger sure looks tempting once it's ready. Every bite of the burger makes you wanting more. The juicy chicken patty, loads of cheesy taste with some pickled jam, onions and their special sauce, all for that ultimate cheesy burger experience.

For those who love seafood and salted egg combination, the Golden Ocean Salted Egg Pizza is a must order. The colour combination of red chilies, curry leaves, with fresh and succulent squid and prawns and the main star - salted egg. All perfectly balance on a perfect combination of crusty and chewy pizza base.

Head over to your nearest US Pizza outlet today for that ultimate pizza and burger satisfaction

Thanking US Pizza for hosting.

For more info :
US Pizza
 Chulia Street Outlet
322, Chulia Street, 
12000 George Town, Penang
Daily : 12pm - 12am