Bertam Souk & Water Park, Penang

Bertam Souk & Water Park, Penang

The Management of Bertam Resort and Water Park (‘the Park’) wishes to officially address the
reported sudden closure of our Water Park on 28 December 2022, and its subsequent allowance to
open and operate by the Seberang Prai City Council (MBSP) on 7 January 2023.


The Management had informed MBSP on the intention to open the Park on the 15 December 2022.
Various meetings and consultations were held with MBSP where the Council had even called for a
special meeting to facilitate the opening process. All necessary licenses were applied prior to the
opening date.

The Management was specifically informed to apply for a comprehensive Business Operating License
which included the water park operations, restaurants, and gift shops. The Management applied for

On 22nd December 2023, the Management was suddenly given a notice that the Park was to close
within 3 days as it did not have an ‘Entertainment’ License. This came as a shock and as the public
had already paid for and booked tickets during the school holidays, the duration of 3 days was
simply not sufficient to arrange for such a sudden closure.

Then on 28 December 2013 at 9:40am, the MBSP conducted the said sudden and immediate on-thespot closure of the park for reasons ONLY that the Park did not have an ‘Entertainment’ License.
We are sincerely saddened and frustrated with the MBSP decision, which is drastic, abrupt and
completely insensitive to the general public who’s only wished was to spend time with their families.
Many of our dear visitors had travelled from far and wide to be here. The local community and
economy of Bertam, which would have benefitted directly and indirectly from the influx of visitors to
the park, were also lost at loss. Various small eateries and cart vendors plying their trade were
affected had to be without such a great economic opportunity due to the MBSP’s actions.
Notwithstanding the great losses suffered by the park, the Management immediately made the
decision to allow all affected ticket holders to use and redeem their tickets so that the public and our
dear visitors do not suffer.

The Management also wish to clarify and address several malicious rumours that the closure was
due to health and safety issues. These rumours are completely FALSE. The closure was only based on
‘Enakment Hiburan dan Tempat-Tempat Hiburan 1998 & Peraturan-Peraturan Hiburan (Pulau
Pinang) 2001’ which is strictly on the issue of the park having no ‘entertainment’ license.
As to the legal implications of the requirement of an additional ‘Entertainment’ License for the Park
(if any) and the entire episode of the closure, the Park took formal action against MBSP on 30
December 2022, and shall be pursuing its’ appropriate legal remedies. We have been advised by our
lawyers not to make any further comments on the issues of law on this. Safe to say, the
Management feels very strongly that the closure was wrong, and that the Park have been unjustly
and unfairly wronged. 

Nonetheless, after several sleepless nights and tiring efforts, we are most pleased to inform that the
Park has been now allowed by MBSP to open its’ doors and welcome visitors as of 7 January 2023!
Bertam Resort & Water Park located in Bertam Kepala Batas Penang is an inspired five-star resort
and water park built on an eight-hectare land three years ago and it is wholly owned by The
Maritime Water Front Suites Sdn Bhd. The RM90 million project are to contribute to tourism
activities to Northern Seberang Prai, create jobs for more than 300 locals and to improve to local

The Souk & Water Park operation hours:

Weekend/PH/School holidays
10 AM to 10 PM (Souk)
12 noon to 9PM (Water Park)

12 noon to 10PM (Souk)
12 noon to 900PM (WP)

For more info:
Bertam Souk & Water Park, Penang
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Pulau Pinang, Malaysia.
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