Saigon Bowl, Penang Serves Delicious and Affordable Halal Vietnamese Food

 Saigon Bowl, Penang Serves Delicious and Affordable Halal Vietnamese Food

If you're looking for Vietnamese Food in Penang, then you've got to try Saigon Bowl. Located at The Whiteaways Arcade in George Town, Penang, Saigon Bowl serves a nice selection of HALAL Vietnamese indulgence for you to savour. From the all-time favourite Pho, rice items, snacks, steamboats, drinks to mouthwatering desserts.

We made a trip to Saigon Bowl recently, and we sure did love our overall dining experience. The ambiance was so welcoming; cozy and clean interior with ever friendly staffs who were more than happy to assist.

We tried some items from their menu like the Personal Seafood Steamboat, Chicken Pho, Fresh Spring Roll, Vietnamese Coffee and Vanilla Pudding. We sure did enjoy every bit of it. 


Let's dig in :p

Pho Chicken Breast
A hearty bowl of flavourful goodness. The broth was lovely and aromatic. They served a generous amount of chicken breast slices.  It comes with beansprouts, mint leaves, chili slices, Thai basil and a little pitcher of lime juice for you to add into your broth . You can choose from 3 types of noodles - Pho (Vietnamese flat rice noodle @ koay teow), bihun or noodle. They also offer 2 types of broth for you to pick from - chicken broth or spicy lemongrass broth. For those who love beef, they have the beef pho for you to enjoy.

If you love steamboat, you've got to try Saigon Bowl's steamboat. They have a personal set as well as for about 2-3 pax family sharing. They offer 4 types of broth for you to choose from - signature chicken broth, beef broth, spicy lemongrass chicken broth and vegetarian broth. 

We tried the seafood personal set and it sure was satisfying. The spicy lemongrass chicken broth was a pleasant surprise with little mild spicy kick at the end. The broth is refillable, so just holler for the staff and they will refill it for you. 

The Fresh Spring Roll is a delicious goodness in a wrap. Bite into the lovely wraps of rice paper with fresh greens, succulent prawns, chicken and vermicelli noodles.  Dip into the accompanying sauce made of fish sauce.

For dessert, you have got to try their Vanilla Pudding with Palm Sugar. This was so good! It was so delicious. The vanilla pudding and the fragrant palm sugar combination was heavenly. Could easily enjoy a few servings of this.

For those who love coffee, nothing like a strong cup of aromatic Vietnamese coffee to satisfy that craving for coffee. 

So if you're looking for a place in Penang to enjoy Vietnamese cuisines, Saigon Bowl is the answer.

Thanking Saigon Bowl for hosting. 

For more info :
Saigon Bowl
20A&B, Whiteaways Arcade,
Lebuh Pantai, 
10300 Georgetown, Penang.
Operation hours : Daily 11.30am - 10pm
Tel : +604-228 0682

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