Shopee Express Stays Committed to Timely Deliveries Despite Unpredictable Weather

Shopee Express Stays Committed to Timely Deliveries Despite Unpredictable Weather

Couriers navigate through difficult circumstances to provide relief to local communities

Shopee Express has overcome unpredictable weather conditions, especially in flood-prone areas, to ensure that essential deliveries are made on time. Despite the challenges posed by the weather in several locations such as Kuantan, Muadzam, and Rompin in Pahang as well as Johor Jaya, Kota Tinggi, Mersing, Muar, Segamat, and Yong Peng in Johor, Shopee Express remains committed to providing fast and reliable delivery services to communities in Malaysia.

The unpredictable weather in Malaysia posed significant challenges to businesses operating in the country, particularly those in the logistics and delivery sectors. In such cases, Shopee Express adapted quickly to ensure that unfavourable weather conditions do not impact couriers and deliveries in such scenarios. These measures enable them to deliver orders on schedule while maintaining a high level of safety, care, and precision. 

While rescheduling may be necessary in some instances due to local authorities closing off specific routes due to potential high risk of flood or landslide, Shopee Express ensured that customers were kept informed of any changes to their delivery schedules through push notifications. Parcels were delivered diligently at the earliest possible time once conditions permitted. 

Muhammad Faris Bin Ismail, 21, a Shopee Express courier from Sri Medan, Johor, who regularly covers Seri Damai Perdana, stated that during the recent flood, he had to navigate through floodwaters as high as 3.5 feet and was occasionally stranded during the journey. Amidst difficult conditions, he persists in delivering parcels safely by foot, fulfilling his duty and the confidence placed in him. He recognizes the importance of bringing joy and convenience to the local communities and feels grateful to be able to make a positive difference in people's lives.

Norazman Bin Mohd Ismail, 34, a Shopee Express courier from Karak, Pahang for over 2 years, shared that the flood season presents uncertainties for delivery services. He feels deeply for those impacted by the floods and strives to deliver parcels safely and promptly as he understands that some parcels may contain urgent items like food or supplements that customers need. Yet, he knows that circumstances beyond his control may result in delays and apologises beforehand for any inconvenience, all the while maintaining his commitment to offering reliable delivery services to customers. 

Cheah Lee Sun, Head of Shopee Express, affirmed that timely delivery is important to the communities they serve. “We worked tirelessly to fulfil our promises, even in the face of unpredictable weather conditions. Our couriers are trained to handle such situations, and we are proud of their dedication to support the affected communities.”

“These hardworking couriers handle numerous orders every day, covering long distances to reach their destinations. The number of parcels delivered is a testament to their commitment to supporting local communities. Despite encountering unforeseen challenges along their journey, they display resilience and sacrifice their personal time with loved ones to fulfil their responsibilities."

Shopee Express has become a reliable and trustworthy partner for online shoppers, thanks to its same-day delivery and expanded coverage in Borneo. In order to ensure the safety of its couriers, Shopee Express carefully monitors the weather every day, and provides extra protection to customers' parcels by using gunny sacks and plastic wraps.