The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Malaysia - An In-Tea-Mate Tasting Session in Penang

 The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Malaysia - An In-Tea-Mate Tasting Session in Penang

If you're a tea lover, you've got to try the teas available at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Malaysia. Many people tend to forget about the tea part when it comes to The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. The first thing that comes to mind is coffee but CBTL also serves an awesome variety of premium teas for you to sip away.

We recently had the privilege to attend an In-Tea-Mate tasting session hosted by CBTL recently and sure did enjoy every bit of the sharing session. We had a better insight knowing about CBTL's tea master, David DeCandia along with the journey and process of making CBTL's tea. Not forgetting the chance to pamper our taste buds tasting the a few premium teas such as the Lung Ching Dragonwell Green Tea, Peach Jasmine Green Tea and Ceylon Black Tea.

The Lung Ching Dragonwell Green Tea originates only from a particular place in China. It's is grown around the 'West Lake' region of Hangzhou. The tea has a very rich fresh grassy aroma note. 
Unlike the ultra fragrant "perfumey" jasmine teas around, CBTL's Peach Jasmine Green Tea offers a very nice sweet floral and not too overpowering aroma. While the Ceylon Black Tea is more subtle on overall taste.

Ms. Fiona Rodrigues, Head of Marketing & Innovation shared with us in great details on the process and how CBTL's are prepared. From the tea garden origin, how CBTL works with the family for a long term production, the time of the day the tea leaves are plucked, how the teas are infused, pan-fried using hands with no machines involved, to the right temperature of water used and the required time to steep the tea; for the best sip of tea.

Just like pairing fine wine with food, we also paired our tea with some savoury and sweet treats to enhance and complement the flavours.

Cold Brew Teas at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Malaysia 

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Malaysia also has some exciting promotional cold brew tea choices for you to enjoy.

- Sparkling Watermelon Lychee Cold Brew Tea with Cream Cap
- Watermelon Lychee Cold Brew Sweet Tea
- Peaches and Cream Cold Brew Tea
- Peaches & Cream Ice Blended

Thanking The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® Malaysia for hosting.

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