Cocktail Workshop by Award-winning Malaysian Bartender Shawn Chong at Farquhar’s Bar, Eastern & Oriental Hotel Penang

 Cocktail Workshop by Award-winning Malaysian Bartender Shawn Chong at Farquhar’s Bar, Eastern & Oriental Hotel Penang

Cocktail enthusiasts in Penang not only had a great time but great tips and info by Award-winning Malaysian Bartender Shawn Chong during this recent cocktail-making workshop held recently at Farquahar’s Bar in Eastern & Oriental Hotel in Penang. The 2-hour workshop which was hosted on the 20th May 2023, saw Chong creating and presenting three unique cocktails: the Gin & Tonic, Earl Grey Gimlet, and the rum-based El Présidente. All three cocktails featured Angostura rums and Portobello Road Gin, two premium spirits known for their quality and versatility. Some guests had the opportunity to try making those cocktails with Shawn's guidance.

Shawn is no stranger in the industry for hs is a three-time Diageo World Class Malaysia Champion, and first rose to prominence after opening his first bar, Omakase + Appreciate in 2013, which ranked No.10 in the Asia’s 50 Best Bars list in 2016. In that same year, he also established an academy for bar and spirits education. 

Chong, who is the owner of Bar Mizukami, a bespoke bar in Kuala Lumpur spends most of his time as the head bartender. He also founded and leads the Mizukami Collective, which seeks partnerships with other venues to provide unique beverage and cocktail programs, as well as assisting in building foundations for bar teams.

"I’m excited to be at Farquhar’s Bar to share my experience with enthusiasts who are curious to know more about the art of cocktail-making," said Chong. "I’ve always had a high regard for Angostura’s rums and Portobello Road Gin, and the cocktails crafted for this event were made using ingredients and liqueurs that complement and highlight their unique qualities.” 

Following the cocktail workshop, Chong continues to stay on as the guest bartender at Farquhar’s Bar from 8pm onwards on the same night, which he then served his signature cocktails using Angostura rums and Portobello Road Gin. 

Shawn Chong and E&O Hotel's General Manager - Ms Alison Fraser 

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If you're looking for a bar to sit back and relax while enjoying your favourite cocktail or more, do make a trip over to Farquhar’s Bar.

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