The Catch Seafood Buffet Dinner 2023 by Hompton Hotel Penang

 The Catch Seafood Buffet Dinner 2023 by Hompton Hotel Penang

The Catch Seafood Buffet Dinner 2023 by Hompton Hotel Penang Top Food Blogger Review

Hompton Hotel Penang's Seafood Buffet is back by popular demand. Seafood lovers can look forward to a myriad of fresh seafood indulgence including live fresh mud crab, live tiger prawn, fresh cockles and fresh clam during The Catch Seafood Buffet Dinner held on every Friday and Saturday. There's even a special pricing for adult and senior diners in groups of 3, 6 and 9 pax.

The Catch Seafood Buffet Dinner
Starting 28 April 2023
7pm - 10pm
Adult : RM128 nett
Senior 55yo above : RM108 nett
Child 7-12yo : RM58 nett
Add-on RM50 nett for free flow beer / red wine / white wine

Group Price:
3pax @ RM349 nett 
6 pax @ RM668 nett 
9 pax @ RM960 nett 

3pax @ RM295 nett 
6 pax@ RM563 nett 
9 pax @ RM810 nett

Here's a sneak peek of the delightful spread that awaits.

For starters, they have a selection of fresh greens with condiments and dressing, cheese on board with our personal favourites Brie and Camembert cheese as well as a few variety of cold cuts.

The Catch Seafood Buffet Dinner 2023 by Hompton Hotel Penang Top Food Blogger Review

Potato Salad and Kerabu Mango Salad

There are some Japanese treats as well with an assortment of Sushi and Sashimi like Salmon, Tuna, Butter Fish and Tako (Octopus).

The Seafood galore continues with an appetising selection of items at the Seafood on Ice Platter. Pick from your favourite seafood options like Black Shell Mussel, Half Shall Scallop, Green Shell Mussel, King Prawns and many more.

Warm your tummy with some warm serving of fragrant Chi Kut Teh Soup & a nice tomato based Italian Minestrone.

The list of food continues with a delicious spread of main such as Wok Fried Prawn with Ebiko and Mayonnaise, Roasted Chicken, Stir-fried Beef Teriyaki with Sabar Beans, English Shepherd's Pie, Deep Fried Fish Fillet with  3 Flavour Sauce, Steam Crab with Rice Wrapped in Lotus Leaf and many more.

For the Hot Item section, the chefs will serve 2 items each day. Choices of either Tempura Prawn, Takoyaki Ball or Oyster Motoyaki (Japanese Baked Oysters).

What stands out different back here is the live catch seafood. The crab, tiger prawns, cockles and clams are live and fresh. So you get to enjoy the freshest and this has been a highlight that attracts many diners over.

For those who can't get enough of meat, there's even a whole juicy baby lamb to satisfy your palate. Along with chicken and beef sausages.

For noodles, they have rotation of Assam Laksa, Curry Mee, Jawa Mee or Prawn Mee. Only 1 noodle choice is available and during our visit, we had the chance to try the Jawa Mee and we sure did enjoy the rich, thick and fragrant broth.


For desserts, it will be hard to resist all these sweet temptations. A gorgeous mix of local Kuih as well as Western creations. 

To spice things up, Hompton Hotel Penang has some exciting surprises for diners. There was even a Teh Tarik showcase too.

You will have to dine in to see what are the surprises the hotel has for you :)

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Thanking Hompton Hotel Penang for hosting.

For more info:
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