15 GRAMS - The Place To Order Delicious Cakes and More in Penang

 15 GRAMS - The Place To Order Delicious Cakes and More in Penang

15 GRAMS Cakes For All Occasions and Celebrations in Penang

Looking for delicious cakes in Penang? We were recommended to a baking studio in Penang called 15 GRAMS and we sure loved what they had to offer. Their roll cakes were such a joyful treat. Sink your teeth into the delightful airy fluffiness roll cakes filled with French pastry cream. 15 GRAMS offers a variety of roll cakes - mini rolls, mini rolls bento, roll whole cakes and whole cakes too. They have just released some exciting brand new fusion flavours for July to September that you'll have to try. 

🍵 Matcha Yuzu
🍊 Orange Passionfruit
🌹 Lychee Rose
🟣 Pandan Yam
🥜 Salted Caramel Peanut Butter
🍌 Chocolate Hazelnut Banana

Among the selection of bakes available for you to order are: 
❤️ Whole Cakes
❤️ Whole Roll Cakes
❤️ Mini Rolls
❤️ Mini Rolls Bento ( Bulk - perfect for door gifts, events etc)

Let's dig into those light and fluffy rolls :)

8 pcs - 1 flavour

Matcha Yuzu
Matcha chiffon with a fragrant citrusy yuzu surprise and matcha cream.

Orange Passionfruit
For those who love passionfruit, you'll love this combination of orange chiffon cake with passionfruit cream filling.

Lychee Rose
The lychee chiffon with rose cream & lychee filling is just what we need. The fragrant aroma and subtle sweet flavour was so welcoming.

Pandan Yam
Pandan chiffon filled with mashed yam filing.

Salted Caramel Peanut Butter
Savour the fragrant mix of coffee chiffon with a tad of saltiness from the salted caramel cream and a little bits of bites from the chunky nuts.

Chocolate Hazelnut Banana 
An all-time favourite for those for love the combination  of chocolate chiffon with banana.

Mini Rolls Sample Box
2 rolls of 6 flavours.

A beautiful set of all the flavours for you to enjoy away.

Mini Roll Bento Box
Mixture of 4 flavours and 1 cookie
RM 15 per box
Min order 9 boxes

Perfect as door gifts or for events.

Apart from all these roll cakes, 15 GRAMS bakes whole cakes too.

Thanking 15 GRAMS for these delicious bakes.

For more info or to pre-order your cakes, please Whatsapp 15 GRAMS at 011-39950749

For more info :
Karpal Singh Drive, Penang
Tel : +6011-39950749