Introducing the Culinary Maestro: G Hotel Appoints Renowned Executive Chef to Elevate Culinary Experience

Introducing the Culinary Maestro: G Hotel Appoints Renowned Executive Chef to Elevate Culinary Experience

 Chef Dodi G Hotel Penang

G Hotel is thrilled to announce the appointment of Ketut Gege Dodi as its new Executive Chef, bringing his exceptional culinary expertise and passion for gastronomy to enhance the hotel's dining experiences. Hailing from the beautiful island of Bali, Indonesia, Chef Ketut Gege Dodi brings a wealth of knowledge and international flair to G Hotel's culinary team.

With a strong foundation in hospitality and a graduate from the prestigious Bali Tourism Hotel, Chef Dodi also recognizes the importance of effective communication and went on to complete English courses, allowing him to seamlessly interact with guests from around the world, apart from flexing his well-versed culinary skills and demonstrating his dedication and invaluable contribution to the culinary field.

Chef Dodi's culinary journey started from Movenpick Hotel Doha and then travelled on to numerous well-known 5-star hotels and resorts such as Sofitel Macao, Chedi Hotel & Resort Muscat Oman, Alila Villa Soori and even Banyan Tree Resort Al Ula Saudi Arabia and The Sakala Resort Bali. Moving from countries to countries like Qatar, Macao, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia and Bali, his journey was in itself a testament for his hunger for success and his drive for more. Then Chef Dodi's impressive resume also includes serving as a personal chef for royalties and their family members. Not forgetting the rich and famous where he worked on a private yachttravelling across more countries like Italy, Oman, Monaco, Singapore and Thailand - providing unparalleled culinary experiences for high-profile individuals.

Chef Dodi's experience also includes being a part of the pre-opening team at G Hotel Kelawai as Sous Chef in November 2014. This role enabled him to contribute his expertise to the successful opening of the hotel. He was then promoted to Executive Sous Chef and eventually served as the Executive Chef at G Hotel Gurney for 2 years. Such is the brilliance of Chef Dodi's culinary prowess that we are thrilled to welcome him back to G.

Michael Hanratty, General Manager of G Hotel, expressed his enthusiasm about Chef Ketut Gege Dodi joining the team, stating, "We are delighted to have Dodi back at G Hotel. His extensive culinary background and unique perspective will undoubtedly elevate our dining offerings and create unforgettable experiences for our guests." Chef Dodi's arrival at G Hotel marks an exciting chapter in the hotel's culinary journey where with his exceptional talent, coupled with his insatiable drive for excellence, makes him an invaluable addition to the culinary team.

With Chef Dodi's return, the dining experience at both G Hotel Gurney and G hotel Kelawai is set to reach greater heights of gastronomic delight, leaving esteemed guests in awe of his new culinary creations. 

In line with his appointment as Executive Chef, Chef Ketut Gege Dodi has just introduced his first signature dish for the weekend buffet dinner at Café 168: Ayam Bakar. This traditional Indonesian dish, which translates to "grilled chicken," showcases Chef Dodi's expertise in blending Balinese flavours and techniques with his own innovative touch. The Ayam Bakar will undoubtedly be a highlight of the buffet, enticing guests with its succulent grilled chicken marinated in a rich blend of Balinese spices.

 Alongside the introduction of his signature dish, Chef Dodi's foremost mission at G Hotel is to revamp the menus for the buffet. Drawing inspiration from his Balinese heritage, Chef Dodi will infuse the buffets with vibrant flavours, expertly crafted presentations and a fusion of traditional and modern culinary trends. 

 Chef Dodi's innate creativity and meticulous attention to detail will be reflected in the new buffet menus, wine dinners, ala-carte offerings all throughout G Hotel’s 6 restaurants, lounges and bars. His commitment to delivering culinary excellence will be evident in every dish, as he aims to redefine the gastronomic landscape in the region and provide guests with remarkable dining experiences.