A Night with Pacific West 2023 - Pacific West Spearhead Its Innovation Game

 A Night with Pacific West 2023 - Pacific West Spearhead Its Innovation Game

A Night with Pacific West 2023 - Pacific West Spearhead Its Innovation Game

The brand, Pacific West, is no stranger in the industry and is known as the leading provider of premium seafood products, delivering exceptional quality and innovation ever since 1995. With its strong presence in over 25 countries, Pacific West's products are of top quality and brings true convenience, delighting consumers across retail food chains and food service sector. 

"Delivering the World's Finest" Pacific West's brand tagline is not only a slogan, but a commitment
to our customers. Mr. Chai Yun Onn, Managing Director of Pacific West Malaysia affirms this
customer-centric philosophy, stating, "We firmly believe that our customers are our priority. Our
ability and dedication to delivering premium quality products have resulted in a robust and thriving
presence in the market. It is a brand many have come to trust and rely on.

A key focus for Pacific West is to meet the demands of customers be it retailers as well as HORECA
(Hotels, Restaurants and Cafes) by cultivating new innovative pathways. By better understanding
and fulfilling customers' needs, the company has developed a varied range to cater to evolving

In response to the global shift towards environmental and health consciousness, Pacific West
recognizes the growing interest in healthy, flavorsome meat alternatives. To meet the market's
appetite for healthier options, a range of plant based products were introduced to the market under
Pacific Greens brand name. The products are Trans Fat Free and made with natural Non-GMO
ingredients. This line-up includes the Plant-Based Wholly Mushroom Burger, Fishless Fingers, Crispy
Mushroom Burger, Crispy Scallops, Crispy Calamari Rings and Tempura Fish Fillets enabling everyone
to enjoy food that is good for both their well-being and the planet.

This year, Pacific West has been making significant strides by unveiling yet another new product line,
coming in January 2024 as part of its ongoing innovation. The introduction of Dairy West value
added cheese not only broadens the brand's product portfolio but also complements its existing
seafood and plant-based selections. 

This expansion showcases Pacific West's greater variety Sharing the brand's excitement for continuous product innovation and development, Mr. Chai Yun Onn, emphasized, "As the demands of our customers evolve, so will we. Pacific West remains dedicated to fulfiing the ever-changing needs of our customers, always striving to create superior products that align with consumer preferences for taste, quality, and nutritional value.

 A Night with Pacific West 

We were privileged to be among the invited guests for a special event hosted by Pacific West. "A Night with Pacific West" featured interesting dishes specially crafted by  Culinary Specialists, Ronen Cohen and Leong Main Choy using products by Pacific West and other brand products by the company. Both of them showcased simple yet tantalising creations, that were not only easy, but palate pleasing. 

Bao Buns

Pow Pow Bun
Tempura Fish Cocktails with Tokyo style wakame sesame salad with chili ginger sauce.

Crunchy Spiced Squids with red cabbage and scallion's slaw, Seoul soul spicy mayonnaise.

Hero Bun
Crispy Breaded Tropedo Prawns with maple and apple cider Louisiana slaw, Sriracha and minty sauce mix.

Pan Pacific Bites
Neo Takoyaki
Street food reinvented. 
Chunky salt and pepper squids with sweet tangy okonomi mayonnaise, chopped spring onions and giant bonito flakes.

Neptune's Antipasti
Ocean meets land 
Crispy tempura fish cocktails served with creamy white truffle aioli and grana Padano melt.

Couscous Kiss
Beyond the sea
Plant based crispy scallops on a pillow of roasted vegetables couscous.

"Cajun Fish" and Chips
Plant based Tempura Fish Fillets with Cajun spiced potato wedges, sweet corn succotash and Santorini style fresh herbs yoghurt dip.

Maki Sushi Rolls
Ika Maki
Crispy Tempura Calamari rol lwith takuan and spicy mayo.

Ebi Katsu Uramaki
Take me to Tokyo
Inside out tempura prawn roll with cream cheese and cucumber.

Yubi Yubi Maki
Plant based crispy fishless fingers roll with red Togarashi roasted black sesame sauce and pickled carrot swirls.

It was interesting to know how versatile these products by Pacific West and the company is. Your creativity will definitely elevate the taste even further. 

Pacific West carried out a friendly cooking competition between the chefs who volunteered to participate. Each team were given various products and items to cook and present to the judges.

For more information about Pacific West and its products, please visit the official Pacific West page
on Facebook and Instagram @pacificwestfoodsofficial