SPX Express Optimises Logistics Network, Accelerates E-commerce Delivery by 30%

SPX Express Optimises Logistics Network, Accelerates E-commerce Delivery by 30%

New Bukit Raja Sorting Centre Drives Efficiency, Enhances User Experience

Bird_s-Eye View of the New SPX Express Bukit Raja Sorting Centre

SPX Express (SPX), Shopee's trusted logistics partner, celebrates a nationwide boost in e-commerce efficiency with the opening of the new Bukit Raja Sorting Centre in Klang, Selangor. Since January 2024, SPX has achieved a 30% improvement in delivery times for parcels travelling from Klang Valley to non-Klang Valley regions. SPX continuously improves their overall logistics network across Malaysia; 50% of customers can now receive their orders in three days or less.

In 2024, SPX aims to further increase their delivery capacity and area coverage, improve end-to-end user experience, and reduce costs to better serve Malaysians. SPX's extensive network of over 140 hubs and warehouses and over 1,200 service points supporting both seller drop-offs and buyer self-collection across Malaysia positions them as a frontrunner in efficient e-commerce logistics. SPX will also expand to 700 buyer self-collection points outside of the Klang Valley within the next six months, allowing online shoppers to pick up their purchases at locations that fit their daily routines.

Ms. Cheah Lee Sun, Head of SPX Express Malaysia

“The Bukit Raja Sorting Centre represents a significant expansion of SPX Express's capabilities in servicing the e-commerce sector. This strategic investment allows us to enhance our value proposition for e-commerce vendors, particularly those situated outside the Klang Valley region. By leveraging best-in-class warehouse and sorting management systems, we've already witnessed quantifiable improvements in operational efficiency. Looking ahead, we're committed to continuous improvement and plan to integrate cutting-edge technologies throughout the year to reach an operational capacity of an estimated 1.5 million parcels by year-end,” said Cheah Lee Sun, Head of SPX Express Malaysia.

SPX Express facility workers sorting out large parcels before delivery to customers

This year, SPX's close partnership with Fulfilled by Shopee will further elevate the e-commerce delivery experience to better serve their users. The Bukit Raja Fulfilment Warehouse strategically houses an average of 3 million readily available products – a portion of the estimated 5.5 million total stock capacity. This equates to a wider selection for users and faster processing, with aims for 95% of e-commerce orders shipped out on the same day for orders placed before 2PM. Additionally, leveraging the facility’s secure storage and expedited deliveries through consignment services has demonstrably boosted customer satisfaction and brand loyalty for local businesses.

SPX's robust logistics network levels the playing field for Malaysian businesses. Small sellers, independent brands, and customers nationwide enjoy reliable, affordable, and efficient delivery, thanks to SPX's in-house technology and the dedicated couriers and sorters. This empowers entrepreneurs to achieve sustainable growth, supported by faster average delivery times for their e-commerce orders.

SPX has championed diversity and inclusion in its workforce since 2021. By launching innovative programs, SPX has empowered their teams – from facility workers  to fleet supervisors – to achieve a healthy work-life balance and fostered a strong sense of community. The opening of the Bukit Raja Sorting Centre has generated over 400 new full-time and part-time jobs for individuals in the Selangor area. This significant investment creates much-needed opportunities for Malaysians to improve their livelihoods and give back to their local community.

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