Marrybrown's Korean-inspired Gangjeong Chicken is Back This 4 July 2024

 Marrybrown's Korean-inspired Gangjeong Chicken is Back This 4 July 2024

Marrybrown's Korean-inspired Gangjeong Chicken is Back This 4 July 2024

Make your way over to your nearest Marrybrown outlets starting from 4 July for a sweet and spicy Korean indulgence of Gangjeong Chicken, Gangjeong Chicken Burger - be mesmerised by the new appearance with red bun; and a hearty new menu of Kimchi Rice Bowl. For those who love some fiery spicy adventure, this is perfect for you. Personally love the Gangjeong Chicken. The crispiness on every bite, coated with the sauce, oh la la. Heavenly delish🀀

"Over the years, Korean culture has spread and garnered many fans around the world, including Malaysia As the Hallyu fandom in Malaysia continues to grow, Marrybrown wants to surprise our fans with the return of our Korean-inspired menu, blending local favourites with Korean flavours,'" expressed Daniel Chan, Chief Executive Officer of Marrybrown.

“We are excited to relaunch this menu for our Memang Best fans. Their unwavering support allows us to uphold our tradition of offering 'something different' and delicious for all Malaysians. We hope fans will enjoy this taste of Korea, and we look forward to creating more innovative meals for everyone," added Daniel.

Look forward to exciting combos to savour, and these combos comes with a refreshing Strawberry Fizz.

🍚 Kimchi Rice Bowl Combo

πŸ— Gangjeong Chicken Combo
Featuring 4 pieces of Gangjeong Chicken and French Fries

πŸ” Gangjeong Chicken Burger Combo 
Featuring the Gangjeong Chicken Burger and French Fries

πŸ—πŸ” Gangjeong Chicken Box Meal
Featuring both Gangjeong Chicken and the Gangjeong Chicken Burger, French Fries, and a cup of Strawberry Fizz

The Gangjeong Chicken was such a true treat. Every bite welcomed with a nice crispy crunch, coated with the Ganjeong sauce that gives a nice sweet yet fiery kick of heat. It's addictive.

The Gangjeong Chicken Burger is not only a palate pleaser but an eye catcher. The red bun sure catches your attention first. A bite and you'll be greeted with a nice crunch of the Ganjeong Chicken fillet, cheese, seaweed and lettuce. A satisfying meal.

The Kimchi Rice Bowl is a perfect hearty meal. Savour the gorgeous flavours of the kimchi rice and the intense flavour that comes from the Ganjeong Chicken. 

 Sink your teeth into the delightful Cheesy Sticks and pull the cheese looooooooong. Love the combination of crispy outer and cheesy middle.  

End the meal with a fragrant Strawberry Custard Pie. A delightful combination on every bite. 

Pop over to your nearest Marrybrown and enjoy away :)

Thanking Marrybrown for hosting.