Olive’s Ramadhan Buffet at Olive Tree Hotel Penang

The Olive Tree Hotel Penang is one of the new hotels in Penang. If you happen to pass the building when the wind blows the glitter shinning metallic across the front part of the hotel, that will surely catch your attention. I was excited as this was my first visit to this hotel. As for this Ramadhan, Olive Tree Hotel is proud to present their Olive's Ramadhan Buffet which offers a wide delectable buffet spread. 

You will be welcomed by an astonishing array of Malay cuisine as well as flavours and the taste from Middle East. 

To start off the meal, at the Salad Bar you will find items such as Chicken Salad, Pasta Salad, Seafood Salad, MushroomSalad, 
Ulam-ulaman that goes well with sauces such as Sambal Belacan, Sambal Cincaluk, Sambal Mempelam,Sambal Udang Kering and Sambal Kelapa. Apart from there's also the Jelatah,Tau Kua, Acar Buah, Acar Rampai, Sambal Ikan Bilis, Ikan Masin, and Telur Masin, various Jeru-jeruk, Hummus, Babaganoush and Tabouleh.

Gado-gado with Peanut Sauce. Get all your ingredients that you want, pour the peanut sauce over it, mix and enjoy. 

As for the keropok section, you will get the Keropok Lekor, Keropok Ikan, Keropok Udang, and Papadom.

Of course not missing out on the Ketupat & Lemang that goes perfect with the          
Serunding Ayam, Serunding Daging and Serunding Udang.

As for the Action Stalls, quite a number of local favourites is being served. To the likings of Beef & Chicken Satay with Peanut Sauce, Beef & Chicken Tandoori, Roti Prata with Dhal Curry, Murtabak with Pickled Onion, Pasembur with Condiments, Roast Lamb, Sheesh Kebab (Mutton & Chicken), Sup Kambing and not forgetting a dish which is always a popular item during Ramadhan, Bubur Lambuk with Condiments

Seafood lovers, you will be happy to know there is the Seafood on Ice section where you will find Shrimp, Snow Crab Leg and fresh Oyster. 

Now off to some delicious main dishes. The hot dishes consist of delicious items such as Sayur Campur Kobis Goreng Kunyit, Ekor Lembu Masak Merah, Kambing Kerutuk Pantai Timur, Ayam Masak Madu, Kari Kepala Ikan, Sotong Goreng, Udang Karang Berlada, Otak-Otak, Tandoori Wrap, Koay Teow Goreng, Nasi Hujan Panas and Nasi Puspa Wangi.

Burung Unta Goreng dengan Halia was something very unusual to find in the buffet line. 

Each dish has its own uniqueness in flavour and taste. With the rice, everything was so good. If only my stomach was HUGE enough to fill everything it haha..

Nothing to end the meal with a nice spread of local kuih as some international fare.

The arrangements of the sweet treats was certainly appealing. First glance at the section and I can't wait to try everything. Indulge away to the delicious Assorted French Pastries, Whole Cakes, Cream Caramel Pudding, Cream Brulee, Bubur Kacang, Linzer Torte, Durian Crepe and Fruit Pavlova.

Everything looked so beautiful.

4 types of cold drinks to choose from and of course the all time favourite, Teh Tarik.

Now how about some nice icy treat too. There was the Leng Chee Kang and Ice Cream Potong.

I must say, I am quite impressed with the variations of food made available for diners to enjoy during the buffet session. So if you happen to be around this area or looking for a spot to dine to berbuka puasa or for dinner, this is the place to be.

For reservation and enquiries, please contact Sukkah Coffee House at +604 637 7856.

Olive's Ramadhan Buffet
6 June - 5 July 2016
Sukkah Coffee House
6.30pm - 10pm
Adult - RM 98+
Child - RM 50+

Thanking Olive Tree Hotel Penang for hosting.

For more information:
Olive Tree Hotel
76, Jalan Mahsuri,
11950 Bayan Lepas,
Tel : +604 - 637 7777     Fax : +604 - 637 7788