Fine Dining A La Carte Food & Liquor Buffet at Chateau 33 Penang

Buffet is a common thing that you come across but fine dining a la carte buffet, now that's something that you don't come by often. Chateau 33, located at the sub-basement of Prangin Mall has an on-going promotion which is quite hard to resist especially by paying only a reasonable and affordable price and you can enjoy and indulge away in the delicious food as well as unlimited pouring of house wine and Johnny Walker Black Label. 

This is my first trip to Chateau 33, and I must say that the interior is pretty neat! Surrounded by 4 walls, you will find a different mixture of drinking and dining area set up. There's the bar area, the lounge, the dining table area as well as private rooms.

Alright so let's have a look a what Chateau 33 has to offer for this promotion. There is a fixed menu for you to choose from.

Starting off with the soup of the day.

I was served mushroom soup, it was simple, nice and love each bite of the crispy croutons with my soup.

Fresh Garden Salad 
Sesame Dressing / Ponzu Dressing / Strawberry Dressing
Out of the 3 dressings, I personally liked the sesame dressing.

Now how about some light bites.

BBQ Chicken Wing

Cheese Baked Beef Ball
Brown Sauce / Tomato Sauce

This item was deliciously good. The meatballs and the melted cheese..nothing beats that.

If you love pasta, there is quite a variety for you to try out.

Chicken / Prawn Spaghetti
Cream Sauce / Mexican Sauce / Tomato Sauce/ Olio Sauce

Many said that the prawn spaghetti has a stronger flavour compared to the chicken spaghetti, but this all depends on individual preference.

Cheese Baked Pizza
Chicken Thicken / Seafood / Cheese Mushroom

Initially I thought the pizza would not make the cut, but I was wrong. Small personal serving size, just tasted soooooo good. The Chicken Thicken is something you should definitely try.  So craving for it now as I type. haha..

Now to some main course. The presentation of the food was simply too beautiful to destroy it.

Crispy Salted Lamb Rack with Brown Sauce

Fish Fritter with Cheese Sauce

Grilled Boneless Chicken
Teriyaki Sauce / Plum Orange Sauce

Chicken / Pork Chop
Indiana Sauce / Tomato Sauce / Tongkatsu Sauce 

Somehow the Indiana Sauce, remind me much of the flavour of murtabak. You have that spice curry-ish taste and flavour.

Pan Seared Salmon Steak
Cream Sauce /Tomato Sauce / Teriyaki Sauce 

As for dessert, there is the dessert of the day and assorted slice fruits

Now to the best part many will look forward to, the free flow of red/white house wine and Johnny Walker Black Label.

Can you actually believe all those things that I had shared earlier, the damage to your wallet is only  RM 88 per adult. Yea you read that right, only RM 88. It's a steal.

Here is what you need to know about Chateau 33's Fine Dining Buffet Promo
*Available only on Sundays & Public Holidays
* Only between 3pm-10pm
* Adult - RM 88
* Child - RM 44 (Below 12 years)
* Senior - RM 75 (Above 60 years)
* You are limited to only 2 hours of eating time per person.

Kindly call up +604 – 250 5504 for prior reservation.

I know the eyes can be bigger than the stomach, the food can be irresistible but do only order what you are able to finish up. Please do not waste food.

Apart from this offer, Chateau 33 offers an extensive food menu as well as a place to enjoy wine, beer and liquor too. The private room is to your access with a minimum spending required. Do enquire further with Chateau 33 of the terms & conditions .

Thanking Chateau 33 for hosting.

For more information:
33-SB-01, Prangin Mall,
Jln Lim Chwee Leong
George Town 10100,
Tel : +604 – 250 5504