My first movie at TGV Cinemas

Wednesday, it was Movie Day. I decided to go TGV for a first experience and the movie selected was a Hindi film called " No Problem". Movie pricing was at RM7, which was slightly more expensive compared to the other cinemas in Penang on movie day.

This was my first time being inside. As during the first day of operation, I was just standing outside taking photos of the place. Seen a few photos about the lounge and waiting area that they have, the photos shown was attractive but being there today to see with my own eyes was even more attractive.

As i step into the cinema. it was so NICE ! The seats, oh i love the seats. It was so comfortable. Seating for a 2 hours 30min movie was not a problem at all.

 A free gift of either Mentos, Polo or Crispy for you to select with every purchase of popcorn combo,

The walkway to the cinema halls

The spacious lounge for you to sit while you wait for you movie 

The walkway up to the cinema halls

 Spacious , Trendy

The Bean Bag Seat
I love the whole design that TGV has. Guess we have been seeing the same design over and over for a while now. And their attarction that is unique is the bean bag seating. I was told that the pricing for the bean bag cinema is RM26. That would be a brand new experience. Something out of the ordinary :)


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